How to Make a Property Investment Kid-Friendly

space for kidsThere’s a lot to consider when creating and designing for a home. For couples or families who live with children or even toddlers and babies, it is important to keep the space safe for the little ones. More than aesthetic, there has to be function and ergonomics. But how exactly do we make a property investment kid-friendly? We turned in to the experts and here’s what they had to say.

  • Storage matters.

Aside from keeping clutter away and removing eye sores, storage helps keep important stuff and breakables away from easy reach. But it is also important to build and invest in storage units that are primarily geared for kids so they too have somewhere to place their stuff when not in use.

  • Create the right type of distractions.

If you want those toddlers to stay away from certain objects or parts of the house, a great trick used by designers would be distractions. This means that specific items that interest a kid shall be placed in strategic areas around the house. It’s not completely fool-proof but it’s fun and it works in more ways than one.

  • Designate space for the kids.

The reason why nurseries and play pens are a great investment is because they designate room for the child or the children in the house. This keeps not just their stuff but also them contained in an area so they are less likely to barge into your office and break stuff.

  • Get rid of blunt and sharp objects.

Accidents happen and with babies and toddlers, they’re not exempt from getting bruises or pokes as they hit certain spots or fall off from trying to walk or crawl. To avoid any serious harm or injury, avoid furniture and appliances with lots of sharp corners. If it can’t be helped, buy rubber corner and edge guards.

  • Invest in all things durable.

Kids aren’t going to be the most gentle of people and expect them to throw, pull, pinch and drag some stuff around. To make the most out of your buck and to also prevent harm to them because of easily damaged furniture, make sure to always uphold quality in your purchases.

  • Say yes to clear museum gel.

A property investment with kids needs to have a supply of clear museum gel round the clock. This product is a removable adhesive used under glassware, crystals, vases and other fragile items that have risks of toppling over and breaking. What’s great about it is that it’s non-toxic, removable and reusable too.

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