Blunders to Avoid in Buying Commercial Property

commercial investmentWhy are you buying commercial property? Will you use it for your business or will you lease or sell it out for profit? Regardless, remember to avoid these blunders or mistakes when buying one.

  • NOT HAVING YOUR FINANCES AT THE READY – It is of no secret that a good commercial asset will not stay in the market for long. Competition is out there and every other investor or entrepreneur will only want the best for themselves. If you fail to come up with the necessary upfront costs (e.g. deposit and down payment), chances are the asset will be awarded to the next potential buyer in lie who can provide for it.
  • FAILURE TO ACKNOWLEDGE REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE COSTS – Keep in mind that there are hidden costs to acquiring a commercial property. These are those exclusive of the sum that you pay to the seller to gain ownership and transfer of title. A good example of this would be the ongoing costs otherwise known as the repair and maintenance expenses. You will be surprised that some assets will be sold for less but their upkeep is at staggering prices making them expensive in the long run. Repairs and maintenance are necessary expenditures and you cannot forego them otherwise you risk having the space go dysfunctional.
  • CHOOSING A ONE-SIDED CONVENIENT LOCATION – It is a rule of thumb for investors to choose commercial spaces that are situated in such a way that it is conveniently located to customers and one with heavy foot traffic. But what many fail to realize is that location must also be suitable for your employees. You can’t risk spending too much on transportation costs or losing great talent as well.
  • OVERPAYING FOR A DEAL – Sellers and brokers want a deal and the more profit they make out of one then the better. This makes it important for you as a buyer to be vigilant and meticulous. You have to make your research so that you will get a good idea as to whether or not certain assets are priced reasonably or not.
  • NOT ACKNOWLEDGING GROWTH – When you buy a commercial property, it is important that you take into consideration the possible growth and expansion of your business and operations. This is true in particular to those buying for purposes of use in their own business operations. You would not want to end up buying another one and moving in the coming year or the next because the space would not suffice anymore. That will be very costly on your part. Anticipate and plan.

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